SCA Elevating Roofs

If you are looking for extra space in your van but don’t want to go to a larger van then an elevating roof is the way forward. It can be put up in seconds when needed and creates extra headroom for taller individuals and also offers you more sleeping space.

We only use SCA roofs, they are the leading manufacturer of high-quality sleeper roofs, pop up roofs and high roofs for vans. The roofs are characterised by their advanced engineering and excellent quality.

SCA roofs are fully TUV rated and the only VW approved roof on the market.

Available to suit most vehicles small to medium sized vans, in SWB or LWB sizes and usually with a few options available, we can help guide you towards your perfect roof.

Unlike cheaper roofs, these are not installed in a day, they take the best part of a week to install, with strengthing frames bonded and riveted into the van, giving the van back the strength that has been cut away to make the large opening.  We only use SCA approved Sika bonds to ensure the install is up to the standards specified by SCA.

All roofs can be colour coded to match your van with a solid or metallic finish.

So, What's Next...

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