Samples and Colour Choices

Samples and Colour Choices 400 349 Lee Baker

Carpet Lining:

Available in 4 colours: Anthracite, Smoke, Silver and Wheat


Other options may be available, but additional costs may apply – our standard quotations allow for the above options


We use Altro Contrax as our standard flooring range:



Altro has a huge range of additional styles (Walkway and Wood Shades) these are all available, but are not covered in the standard quote.  Please ask for upgrade options if the Contrax range is not suitable


We use SuperVA as our standard wood range:

Mark1 Conversions Standard Wood Range

Mark1 Conversions Standard Wood Range

We then have special press options using the Geaves range of Lamiantes

These will cost you more and the extra depends on the design of the van


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